December 5 - 31

Open Enrollment Step-by-Step Instructions if Your Medical Insurance Is Not Through the Flex Plan

To avoid automatic enrollment, if your balance is $1,900.00 or more, and to be eligible to receive claims payments, if applicable, please take a moment to confirm your source of insurance.

If you are not on email delivery, consider signing up at www.flexplan.com/email before you continure.

The verification process takes about a minute, and it will generate and send you the verification of insurance form.

These steps will speed you through the enrollment process:
 Click on: www.flexplan.com/oe
 Enter your Social Security Number (no dashes) or your Email Address
 Enter your 5-digit PIN
 You will see the Open Enrollment Cover Memo
 Please review and scroll to the bottom of the page
 Click on: “Continue with Enrollment”
 Your current elections will be pre-selected. If your insurance source has changed, please select your new source of insurance.
 Scroll to the bottom of the page
 Click on: “Continue with Enrollment”
 Review your Enrollment Summary
 Scroll to the bottom of the page
 If you did not elect any insurance coverages from the Flex Plan (excluding disability insurance), Click on: "Enroll"
 If you elected coverage through the Flex Plan and would like to setup pre-tax withholdings, Click on: "Enroll with Pre-Tax" Otherwise, Click on: "Enroll without Pre-Tax"
 Once you receive your confirmation the enrollment process is complete.

If you are on email delivery, you will receive the insurance verification form within a couple of minutes. If you use the upload function, it is not necessary to complete the paper verification form. You may upload your proof of insurance (without the verification form) at www.flexplan.com/upload.

If you cannot scan your proof of insurance into a single PDF file, please do not use the upload option. You may also return the documents via fax or US Mail.

Your claims payments, if applicable, will be suspended until proof of insurance is on file for the new year. Please be sure to go through the Open Enrollment/Insurance Verification process each December to avoid delays in claims payments or automatic insurance enrollment notices.